Blonde '63b-H


» Blonde ’63b/h

» Bassman style, 40 watts

» Head only

» $1100

» 2 channel, 4 inputs, 2x Volume, Treble, Bass & Presence controls

Based on the Fender 6G6-B circuit and built using high quality currently made components, this model includes original equipment type power and output transformers, adjustable bias for the power tubes, selectable output impedance (4-8-16), test points (for biasing) outside the chassis and hand selected, current production tubes. Covering is the traditional smooth blonde tolex with wheat grille, brown strap handle and cream color knobs. Includes a premium slip cover.
Other options are available.

This is the amp style made famous by Brian Setzer and takes pedals very well.


Typical build

Typical build