> I build my amps for tone and durability. I typically do not build amps with tremolo or re-verb. I believe you cannot have tremolo and re-verb circuits without sacrificing tone. There are plenty of pedals out there that do a wonderful job of tremolo and re-verb.

> The clone series is just that, clones of Fender® style amps of long ago using today’s componentry. The clone series comes standard with tweed covering.

> The Blonde series is based on Fender designs of the early to late 60’s using today’s componentry. The Blonde series comes standard in blonde tolex with a brown strap handle. Other coverings are available.

> The custom series on the other hand takes good sounding circuits and improves on them to eek out more tone and reliability using more modern components and designs.
> Speakers have come an extremely long way in terms of quality and options in tone. I recommend Celestion® brand speakers, but will be happy to install any currently made speaker of your choice or no speaker at all.

I sell all the clone series with a slip cover, lacquered finish, tested, played on and ready to go. You should not need to get anything else other than your guitar and cable. Plug in and experience the Tweed sound. I want you to feel good about your purchase.
Clone sales are final with the exception of defective units. Which is very rare.
Warranty is 5 years, parts & service. Tubes, 60 days.