TWEED ’57t/custom


» Tweed ’57t/custom

» Twin Low-Power style (45w)

» 2 X 12” Combo w/ Celestion Creamback 75

» $1800

» 2 channel, 2 inputs, 2 Volume, Treble, Bass & Presence controls

» Modeled on the 5e8-a circuit, this amp uses the Tweed style bass channel circuit in ch 1 and the bright ch of the 5e8-a.
This gives you great tone choices.The power amp circuit is a class A-B, fixed biased circuit, with dual tube rectifiers, generating approximately 45 watts of power. It is hand built, using SoZo & Mallory capacitors in critical audio paths, separate adjustable bias trims for the power tubes, hand picked current production tubes, improvements in circuit design and meticulous wiring using teflon coated hook-up wire. Takes pedals extremely well. It is hand built, using currently available quality componentry. This cabinet is lacquered and includes a slip cover.


» Other options could include a high power (80w) version. As well as different speakers.