TWEED ’60c


» Tweed ’60c

» Champ style, 5 watts

» 1 X 8” Combo w/ Jensen (or comparable) speaker

» $715

» 1 channel, 2 inputs with Volume and Tone controls.

» Dimensions:

» Based on the 5f1 circuit, this amp is pretty much a direct clone of the original 1960 Champ. It is a single ended class A, cathode biased circuit generating approximately 5 watts of power. This model includes a slip cover, lacquered finish, burned-in, tested, played on and ready to go. All you need to do is plug in and experience the Tweed sound. It is hand built, using currently available quality componentry.
Clone sales are final with the exception of defective units. Which is very rare.
Warranty is 2 years, parts & service. Tubes, 60 days.

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