1965 Fender Style Deluxe Reverb

I usually do not build blackface style amps as there are many places you can find them.
However, a good friend of mine requested that I build one for him. With a few minor mods of course.
The deluxe is a medium power (22watts) amplifier. This one used a 12″ speaker of which I chose a Eminence Cannabis Rex.

The customer plays a semi-hollow guitar in the jazz idiom.

It was a pretty easy build with the exception of tracking down some defective components and poor solder connections.

Mods were as follows:
> put the bias adjustment on the outside. No need to pull the chassis when changing tubes.
> Up-graded some of the caps in critical signal circuits.
> Screened the top of the cabinet to prevent RF noise from entering the whole amp circuit.

Here are some pics:





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