New Fender Deluxe build

New Fender Deluxe Build (The beginning)
I teach electronics for audio engineers at a local tech school, Milwaukee Area Technical College in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
One of my students after building a auto wah pedal wanted to kow if I thought he was capable of building a guitar amp.
Of course! I replied. What do you want to build? He replied “not sure”.
Ok, lets have you play through some different types of amps and see what you like.
He started off by playing thru his Fender Blues Deluxe, circa mid 90’s. “very uninspiring”
We then moved on to a hand built 60’s style Tweed Bassman. “much better”
Tried out a ’59 style Prineton. “nice but not quite what he’s looking for”
Moving on he plugged into a Dumble style that I’ve been working on. “OMG, what a sound” (more on this build coming)
A few days later he played on my buddys original 64-65 Fender Pro. “he really liked that blackface sound”
So, after much discussion, it was decided that he would build a Fender Deluxe Reverb based on the ’65 AB763 circuit minus the Tremolo but adding
a Presence and Master Volume control. Also, using a Dumble style circuit for the Normal channel along with a 15″ speaker.
Stay tuned!!! Parts are on order.

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